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We have mastered some unique Garage Floor options for all types of settings. Our Garage Floor experts consider all of our decorative Garage Floors a work of art and we will pursue perfection in each and every case.

The Garage Floors have completely impressed our customers. Earn more for less when it comes to our products, services and prices. We will be offering discounts for customers who promote us and let us use the project as a means of advertisement. Our portfolio and services mean a lot to us and it shows in our work detail. We offer free design for all projects and are happy to come and help you with important decisions. You can see our product line on the also & for more ideas.

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Garage flooring with chip Floors or our poly concrete Floors can be easy to clean, repair cracks, protect and preserve the slab and create another usable living space in your home or business. Garage cleanliness and organization can have a great positive impact on your life and in your home. We will also offer Garage organization soon. These Floors come in a variety of colors with chip colors to choose from. We use 100% chip coverage for a more durable floor.

The Process Is Simple

Step 1: Talk To A Team Member
Our Team Of Friendly Builders Are Easy To Talk To
A Charlotte Garage Floor Team Member will listen to your needs and arrange a convenient follow up meeting with one of our Master Designers.
Step 2: Get Your Free Quote
Your Complimentary Estimate Is 100% Risk Free.
The Charlotte Garage Floor Team gets you a No Obligation Quote based on your needs and budget.
Step 3: Design Planning
Our Design Team Calls You Within 48 Hours.
A Charlotte Garage Floor Master Designer meets you at your home to  answer any questions and offer design advice.
Our Master Designer gathers  information about your home to make sure your needs are met.
Step 4: Construction Contract & Deposit
Sign Your Startup Package &; Make Your Deposit
Your Garage Startup Package lists everything you need to know about the project.
Your startup deposit goes directly to purchasing your building materials.
Unlike our competitors, Charlotte Garage Floors Is 100% Debt Free With Our Suppliers.
Step 5: Pre-Construction Meeting
Meet Your Dedicated Project Manager & Master Designer.
Your Charlotte Garage Floor Project Manager & Master Designer meet with you at your home to ensure a smooth build.
They’ll go over Job Site Details like Site Safety, Scheduling & Job Site Access.
The Project Manager & Master Designer will answer any questions you have and address any of your Special Needs.

Step 6: Work Begins!
Your Kitchen Remodel Starts!
The Charlotte Garage Floor Builders work diligently for you during this phase of the project.
Your Project Manager ensures you’re informed about details like scheduling and installations at all times.
You’ll see the Project Manager & Master Designer stop by frequently to ensure your build goes exactly as planned.

Step 7: Project Walk Through
Your Satisfaction & Project Quality Is Our #1 Priority.
Take a guided tour of your new kitchen with your Charlotte Garage Floors Project Manager!
The Project Manager will listen closely to your feedback and answer any questions you may have about your new kitchen.
Step 8: Your New Kitchen Is Done!
Your Project Wraps Up With A Final Inspection!
Your Charlotte Garage Floor Project Manager & Master Designer complete a Final Job Site Review to ensure we’ve met your expectations.
Our friendly staff will wrap up all your project details including final payment and answering any questions you may have – Then it’s all yours!

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